Le Bloom, the new coffee house in Strasbourg

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  • 27 November 2017
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It’s a human desire that when temperatures drop we begin to search for a cozy place and…a good coffee! Recently, a great place just opened in the heart of Petite France. This is of course Bloom!

A cozy and well thought place

When designing Bloom, the owners wanted a place that resembled their image and above all that to be the sweetest and most Zen possible place. For them, a coffee house can also be stylish, without the need to put couches everywhere like those that can be found often in major cities such as New York or London. Given the space, they opted for neutral colors, surrounded by a lot of flowers, working with chic materials such as marble or terrazzo. And we love this clean design and it really feels like a little cocoon for enjoying your cup of coffee!

A coffee with different origins

Bloom’s owners are real curious and big travelers. Each destination was systematically transformed into a food concept. By discovering trends and influences abroad, little by little the idea has made its way. The creator of Bloom grew up in New Zealand, a country where the culture of coffee is very strong. It is a country ahead of time for many things, especially cultural and gastronomic diversity, where every way of life is respected. It’s been more than 10 years that people eat gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan in New Zealand, while organic stores are just now developing in France.

Good local products

Bloom has chosen to work as much as possible with local and regional producers to whom they are very attached to. You can find products such as the pastrami from a butcher from Turckheim or the smoked trout from Wingen. They visited markets and villages this summer to find the best products and we love it! You will find for example only organic and bio-dynamically wine at Bloom. For coffee they chose to go a little further, at Lomi’s.

Opened to every pocket

The lunchtime dishes are around 15 euros and the breakfast dishes are around 10 euros. Bloom offers you a good ration food-price. And did you see the plates?! They are huge! Their philosophy is to serve “healthy” food at a good price. Well, this is something new in Strasbourg! Bloom offers an alternative to all eating habits by offering gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian, in a sharing atmosphere.

This is the place to come no matter of your eating habits, the food is always good! We recommend you to test without hesitation the offer of this beautiful coffee house!

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