Café Balzac, a Strasbourg traditional roaster

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  • 27 September 2017
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Once more we found passion for a dream, this time in Danièle, founder of the Café Balzac roasting coffee house. Instantly we fell in love with this sweet woman.

The passion for coffee at the center of the project

After working for multinational companies, Danièle decided to turn to traditions. As a big coffee lover, she wanted to open a roaster in Strasbourg to share her passion with others connoisseurs. After training as a barista and roaster abroad at the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), a school that works to constantly improve the quality of coffee, she opened her own roasting and launched her brand: Café Balzac. Danièle loves Balzac and his work so it was only natural for her to choose him as the Ambassador of her brand. Balzac drank liters of coffee during his nights of writing. Even the logo is inspired by Balzac’s treasured coffee maker.

Your invitation to new lands

Café Balzac works with many types of coffee from different origins; some are permanent and others ephemeral. The goal is to introduce barely known flavors always at affordable prices. Danièle selects the coffee with the help of a broker and according to the impact on the parcels or the farms of origin.

  • In Tanzania, she chooses a small parcel of 30 hectares, held by women, to support them in their approach to gender equality and opportunities.
  • In India, the chosen coffee grows in the middle of the forest, next to other plants and trees. This forest has no deforestation and the ecosystem is respected.
  • In Peru, the chosen small parcel builds a clinic in the village and allows children to go to school.

Choices for non-coffee lovers

In the team, there are non-coffee drinkers too; therefor Danièle has several tricks in her sleeves:

  • Pressurized infused coffee, like beer. It’s sweeter, slightly sparkling, and it keeps its foam. It is a cold coffee 100% Arabica, (with hot option),
  • Also from India an infused organic coffee using an espresso coffee machine. After selecting the right amount of coffee, the right flavor and the temperature of the water, Danièle manages to create a coffee to remember!

Where to find Café Balzac

  • At roaster 8 rue Jean Henri Lambert 67100 Strasbourg
  • At the Belle Strasbourgeoise Avenue de la Paix,
  • At the Petit Fournil, rue d’Austerlitz,
  • In the hives of local producers and delicatessens,
  • At Schiltigheim’s indoor market place.

The goal of Café Balzac is not to make money but to educate people on coffee! We can only encourage it in this beautiful ethical step. More than that, if you visit the roasting you can also discover / rediscover the beer of the Brasserie des 3 Mâts <3 Crédit photos : Sébastien North

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