La Brasserie des Haras, the excellence accessible to all

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  • 28 November 2016
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We gave in and decided to offer ourselves a nice little evening at the Brasserie des Haras. The place, the atmosphere, the welcome – everything was perfect and we wanted to share this beautiful experience with you.

A brief presentation of a place marked by history

A traditional restaurant, accessible and open to all, the Brasserie des Haras proposes a modern and friendly kitchen, imagined by Marc Haeberlin, the Chef of l’Auberge de l’Ill. The great classics of the French cuisine have a place alongside Alsatian terroir specialties and other inspirations from around the world. This exceptional place, imagined by the agency Jouin-Manku, is where our five senses can travel. The Brasserie des Haras’ menu is bound to evolve with each season. The meal of the day is based on fresh produce and is accompanied by several suggestions prepared with selections from the farmers market. As a reminder, Les Haras were voted in 2014 the “Best Overall Restaurant Design” in the world, and according to Crave magazine, have been in the top ten of the most designer restaurants in the world in 2016.


La Brasserie des Haras, editor’s impressions

We have talked so much about it and YES, we finally did it: we had a meal at the Brasserie des Haras. Upon our arrival by car, we are welcomed by the valet, who gives the A of the evening. We enter the splendid inner courtyard. In its center we’re able to contemplate the imposing statue of a magnificent horse. Without a moment hesitation, we hasten to enter the restaurant. We are flabbergasted by the beauty of the staircase and the design decoration. It’s huge and sumptuous! The restaurant can accommodate up to 180 guests per service.

This place is composed of several different areas:

  • upstairs the brasserie area and the yurt (private lounge) with a cozy atmosphere,
  • the lounge bar on the ground floor, under the monumental staircase, reflected in the illusional mirror-wall
  • a terrace of 120 seats, opened during the sunny days

We booked upstairs precisely to enjoy walking up the famous staircase. We’ve been pleasantly surprised that despite the number of covers and the stress of it, servers are at their best with us.

Accessible prices, for a moment of excellence

When we booked we expected howling prices, justified by the setting and the reputation of this place. Therefore, to our great surprise, we discovered that the prices vary between 19 and 29 € for a dish. We had a beef steak and fried foie gras escalopes. Our plates were up to the decor and to our delight, pretty plentiful. We ended this evening with sweet delights of the very famous Café Gourmand. The propositions change with the season, and this time we enjoyed a torch with juicy chestnuts. Once again, it was delicious and in perfect quantity.

Conclusion of our team edito

We had a feast and fondly recommend to test this mythical and historical place in Strasbourg. We took advantage of the open kitchen to congratulate the Chef. It is with emotion and passion that he thanked us. This evening was up to our expectations and for a brasserie, it’s really close to gourmet cuisine. Our editorial team gives you a tip: enjoy the lunch menu at 31 €, you will not be disappointed!

Photo credits : Hélène Hilaire, Jouin-Manku

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