Oh my Goodness! The cream of the associative coffees

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  • 2 December 2016
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A coffee house for us is a cozy place where you can sit for hours while drinking your coffee / tea in bliss but also much more! A coffee house is also a place of exchange, meetings, and a way to build new social ties. When we visited Oh my Goodness!, we had a new definition of coffee.

At the origin of the place, an unusual project

At the very beginning, Oh my Goodness! was a crazy project between friends, a desire to create a beautiful place to serve good things. Coming to life had the boost of a crowfunding campaign on the site KissKissBankBank. Many people rallied to the cause and believed in this project. Today the coffee house is ideally located, opposite the Porte de l’Hôpital stop and GetEatOut goes there regularly. Responding to urgent emails, or seeing our friends around a pot of questions, it has become a bit like our headquarters.

A gourmet coffee, YES please!

What better than to accompany your tea or coffee with a sweet treat, right? Oh my goodness! offers a tantalizing menu of sweet delights that will immediately remind you of your last trip to London. Muffins, carrot cake, cheesecake, all pastries are made with passion by volunteers. For fans of salty snacks, the team offers lunchboxes consisting of a salad and a sandwich. Saving you from the cold teeth of the winter, salads are replaced by hot dishes. Associative coffee does not mean quality set aside. At Oh my Goodness! the products are fresh and the suppliers are only two market references: Belleville Brûlerie and Les Jardins de Gaia. A big favorite for the end of the year, the place now offers brunches too, and a logical continuity to the current menu.


Oh my Goodness ! where foreign languages and cultures come together

For us the two reasons to add Oh my Goodness! to your coffee lovers list are for the cultural aspect and the spontaneity of the volunteers. We love this place where foreign languages and cultures come together. It must be said that after our many trips abroad, such a place was vital for our daily life in Strasbourg. There are some funny stories about this place too, like the time when we ordered a tea and the volunteer forgot to use hot water. Because yes, they are not professionals, but they are passionate about everything they do and that for us it’s even better. We could talk on and on about this place, but we will sum up by saying that the prices are affordable in view of the quality and the setup is to die for!

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