Majorca, wild landscapes that leave you at a loss of words

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  • 18 November 2016
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Even if we consider it to be the best city to live in, the European capital has a flaw: it does not have many attractive flight destinations. The “Travel” section of GetEatOut aims to come up with ideas for some easily accessible destinations from Strasbourg. To get you out of your daily routine and help you plan your next holiday, we chose to present you Mallorca.


An island at two hours from here

Travelers looking for really good deals will willingly cross the German border to catch a plane from Baden-Baden (which is about 40 minutes away from Strasbourg). This German airport offers a wide range of flight destinations including some that are operated by low-budget companies. Among the destinations offered by this airport you will find Majorca. We must admit that we were a bit prejudiced against this Spanish island as we assimilated too easily to Ibiza. We thought it was more like a holiday destination for hen parties and apart from the alcohol and the beach it had no real interests. As we take pride in being true adventurers and after seeing the attractive prices of flight tickets in high season (mid-July) we decided to book our tickets to Palma.

Majorca, a perfect destination for a road trip

When we arrived at the Palma airport, we decided to rent a car to make it easier to access all the parts of the island. Our goal was simple : discover the beaches. You have several beaches to explore during your holiday in Mallorca:


  • Cala Mondragó à Santanyí is a paradise of coves with crystal clear water. This beach is a Natural Park with a splendid fauna and flora.
  • Platja d’es Trenc is the largest and the most famous beach of the island. It is over 2km long and is one of the longest beaches in the Iberian Peninsula. This place has fine white sands and blue waters.
  • Isla Cabrera is a former internment camp for French prisoners during the Napoleonic wars. Isla Cabrera is a small archipelago and a National Park. Several licensed boats come to the archipelago to drop off tourists. You can only stay here for a day, because the island is so well preserved that there are no hotels. The big plus offered by the tourist guides is a free diving course to discover the underwater fauna.

We recommend you to go to Palma to feel the atmosphere of the city. Well, we have to admit that we also enjoyed the night life, but what happens in Mallorca remains in Mallorca. This beautiful Spanish island is full of beautiful scenery and we will surely come back soon. Will you do the same?

A little tip for the end: rent a car on arrival at the airport to visit the island.

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