Quiveutpister Strasbourg, a playful discovery

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  • 22 November 2016
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Given the occasion of a housewarming party, our team participated in a treasure hunt organized by the association Quiveutpister in Strasbourg. We enjoyed the moment so much that we really had to let you know.

Quiveutpister Strasbourg, a playful discovery

Quiveutpister Strasbourg is a Cluedo of which you are the hero in the heart of the European capital. The participants meet at the starting point where a game master tells them the facts. The mystery is inspired by real facts. Divided into several teams and armed with logbooks, binoculars, magnifying glasses and compasses, the participants discover the neighborhoods and their secrets. The pleasure of discovery is mixed with a hint of team spirit, adventure and sometimes competition.

Quiveutpister Strasbourg, a review of Strasbourg’s heritage

“Quiveutpister” aims at creating a new form of appropriation and discovery of the national heritage and its stories. The city with its gardens, its secret passages, its monuments and its history literally becomes an object of investigation. The information given during the game will allow participants to discover the ‘behind the scenes’ of our heritage. You will have to unmask the hidden beauties of the city, track its famous alleys, investigate mysteries of its old town or explore the historic districts that made it famous.

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One city, two treasure hunts

Quiveutpister offers two treasure hunts in Strasbourg:

  • Kidnapping at La Petite France:The main investigation in the heart of the historic district of La Petite France will unravel participants strange secrets and forgotten legends through the alleys of Petite France, Place Kléber and Strasbourg Cathedral.
  • Crime in Strasbourg:This treasure hunt invites you to take part in a dark mystery. Around the Neustadt and the Cathedral, the participants will solve a crime and will benefit from the investigation to (re) discover the Strasbourg Cathedral, Krutenau and Place Broglie.

As for us, we participated in the “Crime in Strasbourg” quest and we enjoyed rediscovering the city and its history together with our friends. This type of activity is perfect between friends or colleagues for a successful team building. Whether you are a tourist or a Strasbourg citizen, we recommend you to book immediately. ???? We will do the same to test the ‘Kidnapping in Petite France’ adventure.

Moreover “Quiveutpister” offers several treasure hunts in 9 different cities: Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Brussels, Geneva. Duration: 2h30. These playful quests take place every weekend from March to December with several levels of difficulty.

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