Matt’ou, a unique wine bar in Strasbourg

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  • 15 January 2017
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It’s with great pleasure that we have discovered a new place in our neighborhood: le Matt’ou. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not another cat bar in Strasbourg but a really good wine bar. We were on cloud nine after finding it and we’ll tell you why ASAP!

UA wine bar in the heart of Neudorf

We all know that feeling of laziness that we have during the week when we have to get out. And it’s always pleasant to have wine bars in the close to you where you can have a quiet moment in two, or with friends. So far, we had set up our QG at Grognon, which is so dear to us, but the place is always overcrowded! So, we are very exciting to have a cool alternative for our gatherings, which made this place much more interesting.

Matt’ou, the initiative of a catering professional

The idea of the bar came to Matthieu, a catering professional with 15 years of experiences. The place looks like him: simple and pleasant! You just want to stay for hours leaning on the barrels that serve as a table. You will be easily transported by the jazzy atmosphere. This new bar opened in December 2016, and offers a wide choice of wines and copious food planks. Take our advice and go during the happy hours that take place every day from 17 to 19. The glass of wine is only 2.50€ instead of 5-6 €! A good deal, isn’t it!

Real good advices at Matt’ou

Don’t panic if you don’t know much about wine (like us) you can ask for advice the sommelier of the bar. She really listens and will recommend the best wine and food pairing.
The Matt’ou will regularly offer oenology events; the upcoming event is on Tuesday, January 17. You will be able to test 5 kinds of wine and understand its uniqueness directly from the managers.
We’re so tempted by one of the wine tasting events, because we would like to know a little more about it. What do you think? Will you test this new place? Come on !

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