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  • 2 February 2018
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The capital of Denmark just got interesting! Voted the happiest city in the world, Copenhagen has become one of the most favorite destinations for the young generation due to the lifestyle, the Danish design, architecture, respect for the environment … the Scandinavian way of life fascinates. Furthermore, it’s just 2 hours away from Basel-Mulhouse airport for a quick gateway. A former small fishing village, Copenhagen is today a city that has a lot of charm. A lovers weekend escape, or with friends or family, the city offers multiple possibilities for a full visit.
We went to see Juliane, the co-founder of Norrebro in Strasbourg for the best advice and her good deals on how to best take advantage of CPH because who’d better to explain the Danish way of life then an ex expatriate!

Things to do for a successful visit

Things to do for a successful visit

Being a walkable city, Copenhagen can be easily explored on foot or by bicycle. To make the most of your Danish experience, she strongly advises you to rent bicycles (you will have no trouble finding rental shops with affordable prices). The bike paths are ubiquitous and pleasant to furrow but be sure to respect the circulation rules because the Danish do not joke when it comes to speed. (Always go to the right of the track when you drive quietly and stop at red lights otherwise you’ll get a ticket!)

For the minute culture
It is wrong to think that Amsterdam is just a bike friendly city and nothing more! It’s true that in Copenhagen there are more bikes than locals and that half of them take the bike to work. Moreover, the ranking of the 20 cities which, in the world, offer the best conditions of movement to the cyclists place Copenhagen in 1st place, Amsterdam in 3rd (Strasbourg in 4th position!!)


Den Lille Havfrue, the Little Mermaid
Juliane advises you to start with the most famous tourist attraction of the country. Now Denmark’s emblem, the Little Mermaid is inspired by Andersen’s fairy tale. It is an inevitable passage for any self-respecting tourist but you will be quickly disappointed by the very small size of the bronze statue. So to complete this visit, do not hesitate to stroll in the calm and green park of Kastellet, the old citadel of defense of the city.

A very cool address nearby for a drink or to eat seafood: Toldboden ! 
If the sun is at the rendezvous, go chiller in the deckchairs at the seaside. With your cocktail in hand and the music in the background, you will have trouble to leave.

Palace of Amalienborg
Continue your visit to the Amalienborg Palace, the winter residence of the Danish Royal Family. The central forecourt and gardens are public spaces, so enjoy these for free. The architecture is remarkable because it’s perfectly symmetrical.

For the complete experience, Juliane recommends that you go there before noon to see the arrival of the Royal Guard which starts from the Rosenborg Castle and crosses the whole city. Then go towards Nyhavn.

Crossed by a canal and bordered by colorful houses, Nyhavn is one of the essential places on a first visit to Copenhagen. Nyhavn means “new port” but today it is the former main port of the city. You will find many bars and restaurants for tourists in a friendly atmosphere. You can also book a boat trip that will allow you to visit places that you probably will not have time to see during a short stay.

Behind Nyhavn is Kongens Nytorvn (King’s Square) which you can cross to reach the main pedestrian street in the city center, called Strøget (the oldest and longest pedestrian street system in the world with 3,2km). This is the ideal place for shopping as you will find all kinds of shops (fashion, design and souvenirs). And if you like decorating, go to Illums Bolighus, a department store dedicated to house decorating.

Tivoli Garden
If you made it through Strøget Street all the way up to the end, your next destination is the Town Hall on the Rådhuspladsen. You can continue your walk by visiting Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in Denmark. The entrance is quite expensive if you want to access all the attractions but it’s very nice for spending time with family or as a couple.

Christiania & Christianshavn
Although Copenhagen may be a European capital, it’s still a small town that can be quickly visited (especially by bike). Take the time to escape the center roar to lose yourself in neighborhoods such as Nørrebro and Vesterbro.

Freetown Christiania is a green and car-free neighborhood in Copenhagen, best known for its autonomous inhabitants’ different way of life. Founded in 1971, it became famous for being a city within a city. Respect these three rules “have fun, do not run, no photos” and your visit will go smoothly especially because cannabis is legal here.

Walk along its beautiful canals and visit the Baroque church  Vor Frelsers Kirke(Church of Our Savior), from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Drink beer and eat smørrebrøds!

You can’t say you’ve visited Denmark without tasting these two specialties!

Drinking beers at the Carlsberg factory
Even if you don’t like beer, the place is really nice although is a bit far from the city center. After visiting the historic factory of the brand, you can enjoy 2 beers to choose from a wide varity. Visit Carlsberg (Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11)

Drink beers in one of the city’s trendiest bars
In many ways BRUS is what you would expect of a new Nørrebro hotspot. Certainly the brewpub is the best place to spend a good time with friends. Tastefully decorated, with a long list of flavors to choose from from a local microbrewery (To Øl), BRUS caters for all needs. Unfortunately it will be very difficult to find a place as the” hip place is always crowded. Tapperiet BRUS (Guldbergsgade 29F, Nørrebro)

Eating smørrebrøds
If you don’t have time to eat and you want something fast and delicious, try smørrebrød, the beloved national Danish dish. Meaning the open-face sandwiches, smørrebrøds aren’t just slices of bread piled with any toppings. There are rules to them, a right way to eat them. Throughout the city you will find small restaurants offering smørrebrøds for eating right away or for take away.

Juliane and Johnson want to open Nørrebro in Strasbourg to introduce the delicious Smorrebrods to our local food lovers. We’re crossing our fingers for the success of this beautiful project!

Experiment the Hygge concept

The Hygge concept defines everything that means the Danish way of life. Hygge [Hu gua] is a tricky word to define, difficult to explain and even to pronounce, it’s a feeling, an experience, a sensation. It means creating a warm atmosphere. This Scandinavian concept focuses on the sweetness of life and probably is one of the reasons why the Danes are the happiest people in the world! In Copenhagen, the possibilities of spending a Hygge moment are enormous. No matter where you go, you will immediately feel this cozy atmosphere. The district of Nørrebro is full of lovely streets with cafes and nice little shops. Try also Blågardsgade, Elmegade and Jægersborggade.

His best addresses

For tea, coffee, brunch

For eating

The first place that comes to mind when thinking of grabbing something to eat in Copenhagen is the Torvehallerne covered market. Located near Nørreport Station, this place is frequented by both tourists and Danish. Consisting of two halls where you will find fresh products and small places to eat, Torvehallerne is perfect for a meal or a drink with friends.

Your go to addresses

To go out and party

  • Kassen:a very nice cocktail bar and always a good atmosphere (Nørrebrogade 18B, Nørrebro)
  • Dupong: play ping pong by drinking cheap beers (Griffenfeldsgade 52, Nørrebro)
  • Ruby: a very good cocktail bar (Nybrogade 10 )
  • The Jane: another great cocktail bar but quite expensive (Gråbrødretorv 8)
  • Rust: one of the best clubs in the city (Guldbergsgade 8, Nørrebro)
  • Kødbyen:a vibrant place filled with trendy bars (Meatpacking District, 1711)
  • Distortion: A friend’s tip from Juliane if you like to party and you want to live a crazy experience in Copenhagen: go there the first week of June for Distortion (my favorite moment of the whole year!!). Distortion is 3 days of holidays in different areas of the city! The festival begins at the end of the day in the streets and continues in the bars and clubs at dusk.

You still have a little time: relax!

In summer, do as the Danes who enjoy the slightest ray of sunshine to bask in the many parks of the city.

  • Stroll through the huge Frederiksberg Park. Attached to the zoo, you will even have the opportunity to see the elephant enclave for free!
  • Stroll in the Ørstedsparken, the Botanisk Have, along the lakes at the Louise Bridge (Dronning Louises Bro) or in the King’s Garden (Kongens Have) where you can admire the magnificent Rosenborg.
  • Swim at Islands Brygge on the harbor water!
  • If the weather is not good, visit one of the many museums or relax in the bars and cafes for more and more hygge moments!

Practical information about your stay:


The ideal time to visit is between May and the end of September because the temperatures are mild (on average 20 ° C / 25 ° C felt). Do not expect a scorching weather; the wind is there to remind you that you are in a seaside town. In winter, Copenhagen is a very romantic city, especially in December with its Christmas atmosphere. If you are there at this time, do not hesitate to take refuge in the many bars and cafes of the city to warm you up a few moments while enjoying an authentic moment Hygge!


If you do not speak Danish, do not worry, there everyone speaks English. No need to invest in a translation dictionary.


Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. It is therefore important to budget well your stay. The local currency is the Danish krone, so think about changing currency or withdrawing via a distributor. French is the third most spoken foreign language in the country and many French speakers live in Copenhagen. So be careful what you say in public places because we can understand you.

Some more tips

The Danes can start the conversation in a very natural way without hindsight. Do not be surprised and enjoy this friendly moment. Aside from the obligatory journey to and from the airport, avoid public transport which is very expensive and do not take the taxi, it is overpriced

Do you want to know more about Norrebro’s concept of Juliane and Johnson? We sincerely recommend you follow them on Facebook in this beautiful adventure. We had a real crush on this couple of entrepreneurs and their project.

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