Berlin, young capital with a rich past

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  • 12 February 2017
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Taking into consideration its history, its culture and its lifestyle we must say that the city of Berlin is without a doubt one of the most attractive cities in the world. Our editors wanted to write a few words about the essential parts of their trip to this city and tell you something about the taste of adventure that this place exudes
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Seven neighborhoods to discover

Berlin has numerous neighborhoods and each one of them has its own story and its own charm. Here is a short overview of the seven neighborhoods that we think you have to discover when you get there:

  • Mitte – the historical center. It is famous for its prestigious shops and monuments (Brandenburger Tor, Museums Insel, Schlossplxatz …)
  • Prenzlauer BergOld East Berlin. It has many bars et restaurants for you to discover and it may energize you with its youthful and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Friedrichshain– Former East Berlin Neighborhood. You can let yourself be amazed by the bars and many nightclubs and their bobo atmosphere. The Electro music fans will not be disappointed.
  • Kreuzberg & Neukölln – It is the equivalent of USA’s Brooklyn. On one hand is may be considered a bit cosmopolitan on the other hand it may give a youthful vibe. It is a lively district at any time.
  • Schöneberg – Old West Berlin. It is a residential and a quiet place, ideal for a family holiday.
  • TierGarten – Its name comes from the huge zoo it hosts. It is a chic and modern place and you may discover numerous museums, a zoo, several luxury shops and the magnificent Schöneberg castle.
  • Wedding,, like Kreuzberg it is a popular and charming district, but we found it much less lively than the other neighbourhoods. Bonus point: the restaurants are not expensive.

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The best things to do in Berlin according to Geteatout

We will tell you why the German capital will become your next destination and why we would like to return

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Rediscover the history by seeing a part of the Berlin Wall (Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer) and the No Man’s Land that once separated the city in two parts.

Admire the sunset from Kreuzberg Hill at Viktoria Park.

Enjoy the Kiff Berlin’s nightlife in Friedrichshain and eat a delicious brunch at Prenzlauer Berg.

Climb the beautiful dome of the Bundestag (free of charge)

Discover Mitte and Schöneberg by bike. Like Strasbourg, Berlin has many bike paths

Be taken aback by the nudists in the TierGarten.

Taste the best kebab on the planet as it was invented in Kreuzberg.

We wish you a very good stay. There are many available flights to Berlin from the airport of Basel-Mulhouse for less than 100 €. Therefore, you have no excuse for missing the opportunity to discover this wonderful city!

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