Le Labo, the first fast food restaurant specialized in balanced burgers in Strasbourg

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  • 24 January 2018
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We have just discovered a great start-up that is launching in the field of smartfood, Le Labo is the first fast food specialized in healthy and balanced burgers meticulously cooked in the atmosphere of a cosy Strasbourg apartment!

Le Labo for lovers of good food

With increasingly busy schedules and workplaces far from home, it is not easy to sell at reasonable prices, while having access to healthy products from sustainable agriculture. That’s why consumers are constantly balanced between a healthy diet and a stagnant purchasing power. The Lab has therefore conceived recipes of burgers that are nutritionally complete, healthy, practical, sustainable and respectful of the ecosystem. The co-founders of Labo strive every day to democratize organic and smart food through original and gourmet recipes while keeping prices low.

Save time with a gourmet diet

When considering the our public health system and the preservation of our ecosystem, the reports are terrifying. Arthur and Nathan have looked for a place to eat quickly and healthily but the products we find so easily these days are very often genetically modified and hyper-caloric. After an hour, you feel hungry again and the fatigue appears. The only meal substitutes for eating are nutraceuticals, which are unappetizing because of the lack of taste. Therefore, they wanted to offer balanced burgers for carnivores, vegetarians or vegans using new foods, rich in nutrients, recommended by the World Health Organization: insects and spirulina. The co-founders have made enlisted the help of nutritionists to validate the delicious burgers.

Selected ingredients with health pros

The Lab actively collaborates with health and nutrition professionals to ensure the nutritional value of their burgers. They are also concerned about the local economy and building a sustainable environment, which is why they want to promote local producers in order to develop the notion of locavorism. Finally, a significant point is the fact that the packaging they use is biodegradable and recyclable.

Burgers prepared in an apartment in Strasbourg

They have chosen a spacious apartment with an open kitchen, allowing you to see the preparation of your order. During the preparation time you can chill in the apartment and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of this anti-traditional fast food. The burgers will be available to order from February 2018 from the Lab at 1 rue des Veaux or via Deliveroo from February 2018.

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